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Should I cover my turbines in the winter?
Last Updated 10 years ago

No. Properly functioning attic ventilation systems are required year around. 

Most people associate attic ventilation with heat; however, of the two major destructive forces at work in your attic, moisture, not heat, is the most destructive. Since winter air is drier, it absorbs moisture from your home and you. 

The attic space is even more susceptible to excessive moisture in the winter. Plus when air is trapped inside the attic – it will always be warmer than the air outside. The roof sheathing/decking will be colder in winter months. Thus creating even more condensation. It can literally "rain" in your attic. This moisture produces mildew, rotting conditions damaging wood members and destroying shingles or it drips down to the ceiling below to damage plaster or paint. Insulation also becomes wet and provides less resistance to heat loss – in effect loses its R-value.

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