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Why aren't my turbines spinning?
Last Updated 9 years ago

Properly installed turbines should be spinning with minimum wind speed.  Every turbine is tested to spin at a wind speed of 3 MPH before leaving our manufacturing facility.  

There are several factors that influence the the efficiency of a turbine.   Turbines will work at maximum efficiency when the top of the turbine is over the roof peak.  This will allow the wind to hit the turbine for all directions.  The turbine also needs intake vents with an obstructed path to the turbines.  Without intake vents, the turbines do not have a continuous flow of make up air.  Mixing exhaust products will also have an adverse effect on the turbine.  When multiple types of exhaust products are used, the chimney / stack effect is negated and the turbine does not draw from the intake as well.

If the turbine spins when you turn it by hand, but not when the wind is blowing, the bearings are probably worn out.  If the bearings have gone out, contact customer service (800.643.5596) for warranty information. 

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