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What are the recommended settings for the thermostat and humidistat?
Last Updated 11 years ago

Lomanco power vent settings can be adjusted to desired temperature and / or humidity levels. 

Thermostat settings are factory set to turn on when the attic temperature reaches 100° and turn off at 85°.  The set temperature is the turn off temperature.  When the thermostat is set to 85°, the motor will turn on when the attic temperature reaches 100° and run until the attic has cooled to 85°. Lomanco thermostat settings are completely adjustable and may be set between 60° – 120°.  If the thermostat is adjusted to a low temperature, it could result in the unit running too often.  Conversely, if the adjustable settings are set too high, the unit may not run often enough. 

If the unit is equipped with an optional humidistat, the settings are also adjustable and can be set anywhere from 20% - 80%.  For automatic humidistat operation, set the humidistat at 70% - 80%.  This will active the unit before the air reaches 100% relative humidity.  If the area remains too humid or if mold and/or mildew are preset, set the humidistat to a lower percentage (20% - 40%).  If the fan runs excessively and the area is not over humid, increase the setting of the humidistat to a higher percentage rate.

When adjusting the settings, allow the unit to run for 1-2 days before readjusting in order to let the unit stabilize.  

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