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My power vent runs continuously. Is there anything I can do?
Last Updated 11 years ago

If the unit is newly installed, allow the unit to run for a couple of days to stabilize. 

If the unit continues to run continuously, first check to be sure the unit is wired as instructed (see instruction sheet for the specific power vent model.  Instructions available on the website).  If the black motor wire is connected to the black input wire and any combination of the thermostat wires, the motor will run all the time.  The unit should be wired exactly as shown and any deviation is not recommended. 

Next, check the thermostat and/or humidistat settings and adjust as necessary.  Adjust the thermostat & humidistat to a higher setting to cause the unit to run less.

If the unit has a thermostat/humidistat control, verify the black knob is controlling the humidistat and the white arrow controls the thermostat.  It is possible to put the face plate on backwards during installation.  If the black knob is not controlling the humidistat, take the faceplate off and turn it around.

If the unit is wired correctly and the thermostat has been raised to a higher setting and the motor continues to run excessively, the unit could have a faulty thermostat and / or humidistat. Contact Lomanco to discuss a warranty claim. 

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