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Why isn't my power vent turning on?
Last Updated 11 years ago

First, check to be sure the unit is wired correctly (see instruction sheet for wiring diagram).  The unit MUST be wired as shown.  (Note: installation work & electrical wiring must be done by qualified person(s) in accordance with all applicable codes and standards).

The standard thermostat should have 3 connections when wired as instructed – 

1. One thermostat wire & one switch wire connected to black motor wire. 

2. One thermostat wire & one switch wire connected to black (hot ~ 120V) input.   

3. White motor wire connected to white neutral wire.  

Assuming the unit is wired correctly, test the motor using the “push to test” switch.  The thermostat features a spring loaded switch and should run as long as the switch is being held down for testing.  If the motor does not turn on when the “push to test” button is pushed, it is recommended the motor be replaced.

If the power vents turns on when the "push to test" button is held down, adjust the thermostat and/or humidistat settings.  Adjusting the thermostat & humidistat to a lower setting will cause the unit to run more.  

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