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Why is my power vent making a loud noise?
Last Updated 11 years ago

The Lomancool™ power vent is designed for quite operation.  Here are some common causes of a noisy unit.

*If the unit is squealing or making a whining noise, chances are the bearings of the motor are beginning to fail.  It is recommended to replace the motor.

*If the unit is making a loud vibrating or rattling noise, check the fan blade.  Make sure the blade is not cracked or out of balance.   

*If the unit is making a vibration noise, make sure the unit is secured on the roof with all loose edges to the shingles cemented down.

*If the vibration is being transmitted through the rafters, try to stiffen the surrounding area to dampen the noise.  This is accomplished by nailing a 2X4 between the rafters.  Rubber grommets can also be placed under the flashing. 

*If the unit seems to be humming too loudly, check to confirm the unit has been installed centered over the hole.  The hole for installing the unit should be cut 14” in diameter.  The motor is supported by 3 brackets fasted to the inside, round, aluminum collar.  The brackets extend down approximately 1-inch below the mounting flange.  These brackets should not touch the edge of the wood hole.  Touching the wood hole can cause excessive noise down the roof rafters of the interior walls.  

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