Frequently Asked Question

What do you recommend if my home has no overhang?
Last Updated 11 years ago

Lomanco has two options specifically designed for homes with little or no overhang!  We understand construction practices don't always leave room for a vent installed in the soffit / overhang portion of a home. 

Our model DA-4, Deck-Air™, is a shingle over roof intake vent that installs on the roof deck! This multi-tasking vent provides continuous intake airflow and weather protection that can be installed at the roof edge or off the roof edge as required by your ventilation and construction needs.

We also have a Starter Vent, model SV10.  It is designed for homes with little or no overhang.  The vent is installed at a 90° angle to the fascia and serves the purpose of a drip edge and continuous soffit vent.

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