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Do you have products for tile roofs?
Last Updated 11 years ago

YES!  We have designed several products with tile roofs in mind.  Lomanco offers a ridge vent, intake vent, turbine, solar vent, as well as ridge vent for flat tile roofs.

The Lomanco® TRV-4 TileRidge® exhaust vent provides proper and functional attic ventilation for tile roofs (compatible with high and medium profile “S” tile roofs with 2”x 6” ridge pole at this time). The excellent airflow design of the TileRidge® affords superior weather protection with no filter to clog. The Lomanco® TileIntake® IV-9 vent provides proper and functional intake of your attic space for tile roofs. The unique design and installation method insures complete invisibility. The IV-9 works on all tile roofs with use of a batten system.

We also offer a turbine option for your tile roof.  Our BIB-12TR and BEB-12TR Whirlybird® turbines are approved for all tile and slate roof constructions.

The Lomanco® Omni Solar Vent™ is your attic's best choice for solar powered protection against heat and moisture from sun-up to sun-down. Use the power of the sun to cool your attic! It is the PROVEN BEST PERFORMER for solar powered attic ventilation. To install the Omni Solar Vent™ on a tile roof, the vent must be installed on a raised curb.

Lomanco® Lo-OmniRidge™ vent, the LOR9-4, is ideal for flat tile roof applications. The Lomanco® Lo-OmniRidge™, and all Omni Series Shingle Over Ridge Vents come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

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