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What are the differences in the Omni Ridge Vents you offer?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Lomanco offers several styles of Omni Ridge Vent to meet the many needs of our customers. All Omni Series ridge vents have a few common characteristics. You will find external omni baffles, which are crucial for a ridge vent to maximize airflow, as well as internal baffles for superior weather protection. Other shared traits are a limited lifetime warranty, easy installation on any roof pitch from 2/12 - 16/12 roof pitches, and a field-tested design that is proven effective under all weather conditions.

The Omni Series is available in 2 versions, Lo-Omni style, and regular Omni Style, and 2 versions, roll and stick. We also offer a few product enhancements on various ridge vents.

Our Lo-Omni Style is available in both a stick and roll style. The LOR9-4 is a 4-foot stick version and the LOR-30 is a 30 foot rolled version. Both can be installed with a nail gun due to its low profile. The LOR-30 is packaged with 2 coils of 1 3/4" nails. The LOR9-4 is 9" wide for enhanced ridge cap shingles. Both the LOR-30 & LOR9-4 offer 11 square inches of NFA per foot. The LOR94 is also available in Class A Fire Rated and with nails.

Our regular Omni Style is also available in both a stick and roll style. The OR-4 is a 4-foot stick version and the OR-20 is a 20 foot rolled version. Both ridge vents offer 18 square inches of NFA per foot. We also offer the OR4-S, the OR-4 with a sonic welded fiberglass screen, for enhanced weather protection. The OR4-N is also available and is the OR-4 with 2 1/2" ring shank nails included and attached to each piece.

The newest product to join the Omni line up is the PRO4N. The PRO4N is a 4' stick vent equipped with nails. It shares many characteristics of the Omni family, and also a few enhancements of its own. It has "posi tabs" that contour to shingles for enhanced weather protection. The PRO4SWN is also available with a screen for enhanced weather protection.

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