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What are the difference in the metal ridge vents - VUR & LPR?
Last Updated 11 years ago

Lomanco offers 2 styles of Aluminum Ridge Vents - the LPR and VUR.  There are several common characteristics between the ridge vents.  Both are made of embossed aluminum for added strength, extended paint life, and blending appearance.  Both vents offer a high Net Free Area of 18 square inches per foot.  Both are manufactured with pre-notched nail holes for easy installation and can be cut a 2 foot intervals.    

The LPR Ridge Vents is available in 2 lengths - 8 ft and 10 ft.  The LPR will fit a wide range of pitches - anywhere from 3/12 - 12/12. 

The VUR ridge vent is available in 1 length - 10' sections.  The VUR will adjust to fit 3/12 - 8/12 roof pitches.  


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