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What makes Lomanco Whirlybirds different than other turbines?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Simply put, you can't buy a better turbine than a Lomanco Whirlybird. We are the home of the one and only Whirlybird turbine vent. We use only the finest quality, American-made bearings. Other turbines may skimp on bearing quality, but at Lomanco, we know that bearings are the heart of the turbine. Because of the high quality material used in Lomanco Whirlybirds, they are backed by the best guarantee in the business - they are guaranteed forever. If a turbine fails for structural or mechanical reasons, we will replace it. The warranty is even transferred from the original owner to subsequent owners.
Another feature that makes Lomanco turbines different is that the interior of our turbines is all rust free aluminum. The interior of our turbines contain no plastic or galvanized components like some of our competitors. Other distinguishing features are factory applied baked on paint, riveting at every connection, and 21 air-foil curved vanes. The Bare Facts flyer demonstrates the important features of Lomanco's Whirlybirds.

Follow this link to watch a video showing the features of the Lomanco Whirlybird -
Lomanco® Whirlybird® Turbine Smoke House Demo
Follow this link for a video showing general information on the Lomanco Whirlybird -
Lomanco WhirlyBird® Turbine Vents

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