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What is the difference between the 700 Series?
Last Updated 11 years ago

The 700 Series consists of static roof louvers.  Within the 700 Series, there are several size / style roof louvers.  The heart of the 700 Series is the 750 model.  The Lomanco 750 is the Original Slant Back - often imitated, but never duplicated.  We have made smaller and larger 750 style louvers to accommodate for various roofing needs.  The 730 is a smaller version of the 750 and the 770 is a larger version than the 750.  All feature the same field tested and proven design of the 750.  We also have a 770D which is simply a twin 770 and can be used as an off-ridge vent.  

We offer the 750 Style in both galvanized and aluminum finishes.  Also, the 750 Style (both galvanized and aluminum) is available with a screen attached for added protection.  

Also in the 700 Series is a model 750E.  The 750E is a 750 with an extended flange.  

The Series also includes the model 700.  The 700 is simply a 750 with a neoprene damper attached.  The 700 is ideal for kitchen / bathroom exhaust.

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