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What stops bugs from entering ridge vents?
Last Updated 8 years ago

Because many products on the market include a filter that is marketing to keep both weather and bugs out, this is a commonly asked question.

Lomanco has no history of any bug or insect issues that resulted from use of our ridge vents. With features such as curved internal baffles, molded-in end plugs, and external baffles, you can see we have put a lot of thought and engineering into the design of our product. So with that, we did not overlook the bug question, we just determined it to be a lesser priority. Products with filters restrict bugs and insects, but they also restrict airflow. We are not willing to sacrifice airflow for something we have not had an issue with. Testing shows that a filter restricts air flow by as much as 33%.

A couple things to note - the louvers on our vents our closer together than most competitors - making it difficult for bugs to enter the vent. Also, the vent will constantly be moving air. This is true under calm wind conditions and even more when there are winds present. Critters such as bugs and insects are less likely to try to enter a vent that has a steady flow of air pushing out of the vents.  Omni series ridge vents effectively keep bugs from entering the attic space.  

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